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Get the Obalon Gastric Balloon in Los Angeles, CA - How it Helps You Lose Weight

If you’re struggling to lose weight but don’t quite need bariatric surgery, there are less-invasive procedures that can help you lose weight. The Obalon Balloon is a procedure offered at Healthy Life Bariatrics that can help you achieve your desired weight loss by inserting an inflatable balloon into your stomach. This temporary procedure will curb your appetite and prevent you from over-eating, contributing to lasting weight loss.

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About the Obalon Balloon System

The gastric balloon system is biocompatible, which means your body will readily accept the bariatric prosthetic. Once inserted, the balloon occupies space within your stomach. This limits the amount of food you can eat, helping you lose weight. This is the first and only bariatric treatment of its kind.

The balloon system involves three separate balloons, which are lightweight and comfortably worn inside your stomach one at a time. The balloons will be changed out over the course of three months. The total treatment time is six months.

We offer the intragastric balloon system along with a medically-supervised diet and healthy exercise plan to speed up your results.

Obalon is effective

You can lose up to twice as much weight by using the Obalon Balloon System as you would with just diet and exercise. Lasting results are possible, too. Users managed to maintain 89% of their weight loss after the balloons were removed when they maintained a moderate diet and exercise program.

How it works

The balloons take up space in your stomach, reducing the amount of food you can take in. You don’t have to worry about feeling hungry as you lose weight and your cravings lessen. While the balloons help curb your appetite, you receive professional nutrition and exercise support from our team so you also learn the lifestyle changes to help you lose weight. With the help of the Obalon Balloon System, you create good eating habits so you can keep the weight off even after the system is removed.

Your role in weight loss

The Obalon Balloon System is a huge help, but weight loss does depend a lot on your efforts. You must commit to adopting new lifestyle habits.

The system can help you modify your eating so you can continue to lose weight, or maintain lost weight, once the balloons are removed. We thoroughly review your commitment to weight loss and lifestyle changes when determining if you’re a good candidate for this program.

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Benefits of the Obalon Balloon System

The Obalon Balloon System helps shrink the size of your stomach without invasive surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. Most people go back to all their normal activities following the balloon placement procedure.

Because the system is FDA approved, you can rest assured that it’s safe for most people, too.

One of the most difficult aspects of weight loss programs is the start when your appetite and cravings often get the better of you before you can see measurable results. With the Obalon Balloon System and support from Healthy Life Bariatrics team members, you start your weight-loss journey with physical and emotional assistance.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for the Obalon Balloon System or other medically-assisted weight-loss programs. Achieve the weight loss you desire for more self-confidence, better health, and a body you’re proud to show off. If you’re in the Los Angeles area and think you may benefit from losing weight with a balloon system, contact us to set up a consultation.

Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki April 30, 2019