Robotic Surgery for Safe & Effective Bariatric & Body Contouring Procedures in Los Angeles, CA

Robotic Surgery Specialist

Technology has truly changed the practice of medicine, and staying on top of the newest advancements is a source of pride for Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki. At Healthy Life Bariatrics, robotic surgery is just one of many tools used to assist patients throughout the Los Angeles area, including Glendale and Encino, in reaching their individual goals.

Q & A

How does robotic surgery work?

When many people think about robotic surgery, they envision a space-age setting where an actual robot leans over an operating table with surgical tools in hand. In reality, this surgery is far more commonplace than many people imagine. In most settings, a clinical robotic surgical system consists of a unit with multiple arms. At least one of those arms uses a small camera. The others are designed to hold surgical instruments. The surgeon conducting the operation is able to control the arms while sitting or standing in front of a computer screen near the patient. The camera provides a magnified view of the surgical site. It allows the surgeon to complete the procedure by controlling the robotic arms.

Robotic Surgery

What are the advantages?

More and more surgeons are becoming familiar with robotic surgery. Many are integrating this technology into their surgical practice. For one thing, a clinical robotic surgical system allows far greater visual assessment of the surgical site than traditional surgery. That leaves the surgeon free to use his or her expertise to guide the procedure. Robotic systems also enhance precision. That means smaller scars that will be less noticeable when healed. This surgery facilitates minimally invasive surgical procedures. This in turn will lead to less blood loss and quicker recovery for patients.

Is everyone a good candidate for robotic surgery?

As with all surgical procedures, the answer varies from one patient to the next. The first step in determining an appropriate course of action involves a thorough physical examination and full health history. Once the patient’s current condition has been thoroughly assessed, the surgeon can determine which procedures and approaches are appropriate. Robotic surgery is a good option for many people due to the fact that it is minimally invasive. It also carries a reduced risk of infection, pain, and bleeding. That said, the decision is one best left in the hands of a medical professional.

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