Insurance Options for Weight Loss Surgery & Body Contouring in Los Angeles, California

Insurance Options

What Insurance Options are Available for Weight Loss Surgery & Body Contouring?
Insurance Options for HLB in Los Angeles

Insurance will only cover a procedure if it is deemed medically necessary, in most cases. Some insurance policies will pay for both bariatrics and cosmetic body contouring, but only under certain conditions. You are more likely to get covered for weight loss surgery, since the various procedures can be so beneficial on your health.

Consult your insurance company to see if the procedures you want are covered. Some policies have certain requirements that must be completed before surgery can be covered while other policies will deny you outright. Every policy is different, and no two insurance companies are the same.

As a service to our patient, Healthy Life Bariatrics accepts Medicare and various insurance programs, including non-managed care, PPO out-of-network, and indemnity (traditional). We are not part of a managed care network. To make handling insurance more manageable on you, our accounting staff can prepare all the necessary insurance forms.

Our goal is to help you receive the maximum number of weight loss surgery benefits. Keep in mind that your specific policy is an agreement between you and your health insurance company. As such, you are responsible for your obligation should your insurance benefits result in a lower level of coverage than you originally anticipated. To help you better understand what your benefits will be, our staff will gladly submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company.

The fees we charge for services rendered are the same for the insurance as the non-insured. Your policy may base its allowances on a fixed fee schedule. This timetable may or may not coincide with our standard fees. Be aware that insurance policies vary widely in the types of coverage they offer. In addition, some insurance providers process claims right away while others can delay for months.
Call our office in Los Angeles to learn more about insurance and how it may cover bariatrics and/or cosmetic body contouring (310)807-1735.

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