Movies on Obesity

Introduction to Movies on Obesity

Movies on Obesity

Films about obesity encompass a range of movies that explore the theme of obesity, its causes, and its impact on individuals and society. Movies on obesity shed light on the challenges faced by overweight individuals and advocate for a better understanding and support for those struggling with obesity.

When it comes to the subcategory of documentary films about obesity, these movies take a more factual and informative approach. They aim to educate viewers about the root causes of obesity, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and genetic factors, while highlighting real-life stories and experiences of individuals dealing with this issue. Documentary films about obesity strive to raise awareness and promote healthier

The top 20 films on obesity listed above cover a range of perspectives and approaches to understanding and addressing the condition of excess body fat and its impact on health. These movies tackle various aspects of the obesity epidemic, from the role of the food industry and societal factors to the personal struggles individuals face in managing their weight.

Incorporating relevant facts from the background information, these films shed light on the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, emotional well-being, and the need for societal change in combating obesity. Watching these movies can provide valuable insights into the complexities of obesity, encourage reflection, and inspire individuals to take action towards a healthier lifestyle.

Movies on Obesity LA, CA
Movies on Obesity LA, CA

Top 20 Movies on Obesity

1. Tommy Boy (1995)

“Tommy Boy (1995)” is a comedy film directed by Peter Segal. The plot centers around Tommy Callahan III (played by Chris Farley) who is an overweight, dim-witted, yet well-meaning goofball. After his father’s sudden death, Tommy must take over his family’s auto parts business. However, he soon realizes that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. To save the business, Tommy embarks on a hilarious cross-country trip with his father’s loyal assistant, Richard Hayden (played by David Spade), to secure a major sales deal.

The film’s genre is a comedy and it has a runtime of approximately 97 minutes.

“Tommy Boy” received mixed reviews upon release but has since gained a cult following due to its memorable performances. Directed by Peter Segal, known for films like “50 First Dates” and “Get Smart,” the film showcases his knack for humor and visual storytelling. The movie’s stars, Chris Farley and David Spade, deliver brilliant comedic performances, with Farley’s physical comedy and Spade’s dry wit forming a winning combination.

The film amassed a significant number of votes, attesting to its enduring popularity. It received over 88,000 votes on IMDb. Additionally, “Tommy Boy” achieved considerable commercial success, earning $32.7 million at the box office. Its comedic charm and quotable moments have made it a beloved classic among fans of the genre.

2. Babycakes (1989 TV Movie)

“Babycakes” is a heartwarming TV movie from 1989, directed by Paul Schneider. It falls under the genre of drama. The story revolves around a young woman named Grace, played by Ricki Lake, who is determined to live an independent life despite having Down syndrome.

The central conflict of the plot is Grace’s desire to break free from the confines of her overprotective mother, played by Emily Yancy. Grace’s dream is to become a successful baker and own her own business. She gets the opportunity to work as an apprentice at a local bakery, where she discovers her passion for baking.

Through her hard work and determination, Grace wins over the skeptical bakery owner, played by Meagen Fay. As she thrives in her new job, Grace discovers a talent for creating delectable cakes for babies. Her creations, called “babycakes,” become a sensation in the community.

Along the way, Grace forms meaningful relationships with her coworker and love interest, played by Craig Sheffer, as well as her supportive mentor, played by Beatrice Winde. Through their unwavering belief in her abilities, Grace finds the strength to overcome the obstacles in her path and follow her dreams.

In summary, “Babycakes” is a touching TV movie that explores themes of independence, determination, and the power of pursuing one’s passions. Ricki Lake delivers a captivating performance as the main character, Grace, bringing warmth and authenticity to the role.

3. Hairspray (1988)

“Hairspray” released in 1988 holds significant cultural significance due to its satirical take on race relations and societal norms. The film was directed by the iconic John Waters, known for his eccentric and boundary-pushing films.

The notable cast members of “Hairspray” include Sonny Bono, Ruth Brown, Divine, and Debbie Harry. Sonny Bono played the role of Franklin Von Tussle, the snobby and racist television station manager. Ruth Brown portrayed Motormouth Maybelle, a soulful and influential African American character. Divine, a drag queen and frequent collaborator of John Waters, played the role of Edna Turnblad, the main character’s mother. Debbie Harry, the lead singer of the band Blondie, had a supporting role as Velma Von Tussle, the conniving and ruthless mother of the film’s antagonist.

The plot of “Hairspray” revolves around the life of Tracy Turnblad, a young girl with a passion for dancing. She becomes a regular on a popular television dance show and uses her newfound fame to fight for racial integration and equal rights. The film presents a satirical commentary on the racial tensions and societal divisions of the 1960s. With its infectious energy and catchy music, “Hairspray” is a blend of comedy, drama, and musical genres that captivates and entertains its audience.

4. Hairspray (2007)

“Hairspray” is a 2007 musical comedy film directed by Adam Shankman. The movie is a remake of the 1988 film of the same name and is based on the Broadway musical adaptation.

The story is set in 1962 Baltimore, Maryland, and follows Tracy Turnblad, an aspiring teenage dancer who dreams of appearing on “The Corny Collins Show,” a popular television dance program. Tracy challenges the social norms and racial segregation of the time as she fights against discrimination and fights for equal rights.

The main plot points revolve around Tracy’s journey as she auditions for the show and becomes a regular dancer, eventually earning herself a dedicated following. She also falls in love with Link Larkin, one of the show’s male dancers.

The film boasts an all-star cast, including John Travolta as Tracy’s mother Edna, Queen Latifah as Motormouth Maybelle, Nikki Blonsky as Tracy, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Velma Von Tussle, the show’s producer.

“Hairspray” was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $200 million worldwide. It received positive reviews for its energetic musical numbers, diverse cast, and upbeat themes of inclusivity and acceptance. The film’s success led to numerous awards and nominations, including three Golden Globe nominations. It remains a beloved and influential musical film in popular culture.

Movies on Obesity LA, CA

5. Heavyweights (1995)

“Heavyweights” is a comedy film directed by Steven Brill, released in 1995. The movie revolves around a group of plump kids who are deceived into attending what they believe to be a weight loss camp, only to discover that it is run by a deranged ex-fitness instructor.

The main plot follows Gerry Garner, played by Aaron Schwartz, who is sent to Camp Hope, a supposed weight loss camp owned by eccentric fitness guru Harvey Bushkin (Tom McGowan). However, the camp’s true purpose is to exploit the kids for financial gain, leading to chaos and hilarity.

Ben Stiller portrays the antagonist in the film, Tony Perkis, a sadistic ex-fitness instructor who takes over the camp. Perkis subjects the kids to intense workouts, bizarre and unhealthy diets, and uses manipulative tactics to achieve his personal goals. David Goldman plays one of the campers, who becomes Gerry’s best friend and helps him take on Perkis.

Directed by Steven Brill, known for his work in comedy films, “Heavyweights” combines humor and heart to portray the journey of the campers as they resist the tyrannical rule of Tony Perkis and strive to reclaim their freedom and self-acceptance.

Overall, “Heavyweights” is a 1995 comedy film that explores themes of weight loss, friendship, and standing up against unfair authority, all while adding a touch of absurdity and entertainment with the presence of a psycho ex-fitness instructor.

6. The Tao of Steve (2000)

“The Tao of Steve” is a romantic comedy film directed by Jenniphr Goodman, released in 2000. The movie takes its name from the protagonist’s self-imposed philosophy on seduction, known as “The Tao of Steve.”

The plot of the film revolves around Dex, played by Donal Logue, an underachieving teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dex is known as a laid-back, overweight slacker who somehow manages to effortlessly attract women. While he may not fit the typical image of a ladies’ man, Dex seems to possess a certain charm and understanding of human behavior that makes him irresistible to women.

However, Dex’s “game” is put to the test when he meets Syd, played by Ayelet Kaznelson, a beautiful and intelligent woman who sees through his facade. As he navigates this unexpected relationship, Dex finds himself reevaluating his seduction techniques and questioning his priorities.

“The Tao of Steve” offers a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre, combining elements of wit, charm, and introspection. With a runtime of 87 minutes, the film delivers its message through engaging dialogue and genuine chemistry between the main characters.

Overall, “The Tao of Steve” challenges traditional notions of attraction and explores the idea that confidence and self-acceptance can be more alluring than conventional physical appearance.

7. Angus (1995)

“Angus (1995)” is a heartwarming coming-of-age film that tells the story of Angus Bethune, a high school student who must navigate the trials and tribulations of adolescence. The movie falls under the genre of comedy-drama and has a PG-13 rating.

The film, directed by Patrick Read Johnson, illustrates Angus’ journey as he faces bullying, body image issues, and unrequited love. Angus is an outsider, often teased by his peers due to his weight. However, he gains a newfound confidence when he is chosen by the head cheerleader, Melissa Lefevre, to be her date for the winter ball, sparking jealousy and skepticism within their high school.

The main cast of the movie includes Charlie Talbert in the role of Angus Bethune, James Van Der Beek as Angus’ best friend, Rick Sanford, and Ariana Richards as the popular cheerleader Melissa Lefevre.

Throughout the film, Angus learns valuable life lessons about self-acceptance, friendship, and the importance of staying true to oneself. With its relatable and endearing story, “Angus (1995)” is a must-watch for those seeking a feel-good film that tackles universal teenage struggles.

8. Fat Kid Rules the World (2012)

“Fat Kid Rules the World” is a 2012 film directed by Matthew Lillard, who also stars in the movie. The film tells the story of Troy Billings, a high school student who is overweight and struggling with depression. One day, Troy meets Marcus, a charismatic and rebellious guitar player, who saves him from a subway train suicide attempt. Inspired by Marcus’ passion for music, Troy decides to join a punk rock band, despite having no musical talent of his own.

As Troy becomes more involved in the punk scene, he starts to gain confidence and a sense of purpose. However, his personal struggles, including his strained relationship with his father, threaten to derail his newfound happiness. With Marcus’ guidance, Troy navigates his way through the challenges of friendship, love, and self-acceptance.

The film stars Jacob Wysocki as Troy, who delivers a powerful performance capturing the complexities of his character. Notable mentions also go to Matthew Lillard, who brings depth to his role as Marcus, and Billy Campbell, who plays Troy’s father. “Fat Kid Rules the World” is a heartwarming tale of personal growth, friendship, and the transformative power of music, making it a must-watch for audiences seeking an inspiring coming-of-age story.

9. Run Fatboy Run (2007)

“Run Fatboy Run” is a 2007 comedy-romance film directed by David Schwimmer. The story follows the life of Dennis, played by Simon Pegg, who five years ago left his pregnant fiancee, Libby, portrayed by Thandiwe Newton, standing at the altar on their wedding day. Regretting his impulsive decision, Dennis now realizes he still loves Libby and decides to win her back.

Dennis, an out-of-shape and lazy man, works as a security guard in a lingerie store. He lives with his son, Jake, played by Matthew Fenton, and Jake’s mother, Libby, who has moved on and is now engaged to Whit, an American hedge fund manager played by Hank Azaria. Feeling jealous of Whit’s successful life and wanting to prove himself, Dennis decides to do something extraordinary: run a marathon to show his commitment, determination, and love for Libby.

Throughout the film, Dennis faces numerous challenges while training for the marathon, including his lack of physical fitness and the taunts of his best friend and landlord, Gordon, portrayed by Dylan Moran. Despite these obstacles, he perseveres with the help of a friendly Indian shopkeeper named Mr. Goshdashtidar, played by Harish Patel.

As the big day approaches, Dennis not only discovers the true meaning of love and commitment but also learns to believe in himself. The film blends comedy, romance, and sport as Dennis tries to win back his lost love and find redemption through running. “Run Fatboy Run” showcases the power of determination, love, and personal growth, making it an enjoyable watch for audiences.

Movies on Obesity LA, CA

10. Fatso (1980)

“Fatso” is a 1980 comedy-drama film centered around Dominick DiNapoli, an overweight bachelor struggling with his weight problem. Dominick, portrayed by Dom DeLuise, has always struggled with his fluctuating weight, often resorting to food as a source of comfort. However, his life takes a turn after his cousin dies from a heart attack caused by obesity. This tragic event becomes a wake-up call for Dominick, inspiring him to take control of his health and lose weight.

Motivated by his cousin’s death, Dominick joins a weight loss group called Chubby Checkers. The group is filled with various characters who each have their own weight loss goals and methods. Through the support and guidance of his newfound friends, Dominick embarks on a challenging yet humorous journey to shed the pounds. Along the way, he faces numerous obstacles such as temptation, emotional eating, and self-doubt.

Throughout the film, Dominick’s determination is tested as he navigates the ups and downs of his weight loss journey. However, he finds strength in the friendships he forms within the weight loss group, proving that support and camaraderie are essential in achieving one’s goals.

“Fatso” explores themes of self-acceptance, body image, and the impact of obesity on both physical and emotional well-being. The film delivers its message through a blend of comedy and heartfelt moments, capturing the struggle and triumphs of Dominick’s weight loss journey with both charm and depth.

11. Shallow Hal (2001)

“Shallow Hal” is a comedy-drama and fantasy movie released in 2001. Directed by the Farrelly brothers, Peter and Bobby, this unique film explores the concept of inner beauty and challenges societal norms about physical appearances.

Hal Larsen, played by Jack Black, is an extremely shallow man who judges women solely based on their looks. However, his perspective is profoundly shifted when he gets hypnotized by self-help guru Tony Robbins. Now, Hal can only see a person’s inner beauty, completely disregarding their physical appearance.

The real twist in the story occurs when Hal falls head over heels for Rosemary, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. In Hal’s eyes, Rosemary is a stunning and slender woman, but in reality, she is a 300-pound woman. Despite Rosemary’s obesity, Hal sees her as the epitome of beauty, thanks to his altered perception.

Through hilarious and heartfelt moments, “Shallow Hal” explores themes of self-acceptance, overcoming prejudices, and finding true love based on inner qualities. This thought-provoking film encourages viewers to look beyond the surface and embrace the beauty within oneself and others.

Combining comedy, drama, and a touch of fantasy, “Shallow Hal” provides an entertaining and meaningful experience that challenges societal beauty standards, ultimately delivering a powerful message of acceptance and love.

12. To Be Fat Like Me (2007 TV Movie)

“To Be Fat Like Me” is a poignant and thought-provoking TV movie released in 2007. The film follows the story of a high school student named Alysson Archer, played by Kaley Cuoco, who decides to experience life as an overweight person for a school project.

Directed by Douglas Barr, this heartfelt movie sheds light on the issues surrounding body image and societal prejudices. It explores the challenges faced by individuals who do not conform to society’s narrow definition of beauty and the impact it has on their lives.

The plot takes us on Alysson’s transformative journey as she dons a fat suit, alters her appearance, and faces the everyday struggles endured by those who are overweight. Through her experiences, she learns to empathize and gain a deeper understanding of the discrimination faced by people based on their weight.

Kaley Cuoco’s outstanding performance as Alysson makes her stand out among a talented ensemble cast. Other notable stars include Caroline Rhea as Alysson’s mother, David Sutcliffe as her father, and Melissa Halstrom as Alysson’s sister.

The main theme of the film revolves around self-acceptance, body positivity, and challenging societal norms. “To Be Fat Like Me” encourages viewers to look beyond appearances and embrace the diversity of beauty, emphasizing the importance of compassion and understanding.

13. The Nutty Professor (1996)

The Nutty Professor (1996) is a comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Jada Pinkett Smith. The movie revolves around the life of Professor Sherman Klump, an overweight and socially awkward professor who is constantly ridiculed for his appearance. Driven by his desire to shed his excess weight, Sherman develops a special chemical formula that can transform his physique.

Driven by his curiosity, Professor Klump decides to try the chemical on himself, unaware of the drastic effects it will have on his body. When he takes the formula, he undergoes a remarkable transformation, shedding his excess weight and becoming a slim and confident man named Buddy Love. Buddy is everything Sherman is not – suave, outgoing, and popular among women.

As Buddy Love, Sherman begins to enjoy the perks of his newfound physique, gaining attention from his love interest, Carla, played by Jada Pinkett Smith. The plot takes a hilarious turn as Sherman struggles to balance his two personas, often finding himself switching back and forth between his overweight self and the slim Buddy Love.

The Nutty Professor explores themes of self-acceptance and the consequences of striving for physical perfection. Eddie Murphy delivers a stellar performance, effortlessly portraying both Sherman Klump and Buddy Love. The movie is a classic comedy that showcases Murphy’s comedic talent and clever writing.

14. Pizza (I) (2005)

“Pizza (I) (2005)” is a quirky and heartwarming independent film directed by Mark Christopher. The movie revolves around a young pizza delivery driver named Matt (played by Ethan Embry), who struggles with the monotony of his job and dreams of something more meaningful in his life.

One day, Matt delivers a pizza to a customer named Sue (portrayed by Kylie Sparks), a lonely and introverted teenager. This chance encounter sets in motion a series of events that take Matt on a soul-searching journey as he tries to navigate his own troubled past while helping Sue deal with her own personal struggles.

Along the way, Matt encounters a colorful cast of characters, including Sue’s eccentric and overprotective mother, played by Julie Hagerty, and a kind-hearted pizza shop owner named Ron (Martin Campetta). As Matt forms unlikely bonds with these individuals, he begins to question his own perceptions of happiness and the meaning of life.

Filled with moments of humor, tenderness, and self-reflection, “Pizza (I) (2005)” explores themes of friendship, redemption, and the power of human connection. With its strong performances from the talented cast, including Ethan Embry, Kylie Sparks, Julie Hagerty, and Martin Campetta, this indie gem reminds us that sometimes the most profound moments can stem from the simplest of encounters.

15. The Fat Boy Chronicles (2010)

“The Fat Boy Chronicles” (2010) is a heartwarming film that tackles the sensitive issue of overweight bullying in schools. The plot revolves around Jimmy, a 14-year-old boy who is relentlessly bullied because of his weight. He endures daily taunts, insults, and humiliation from his classmates, causing him immense emotional pain and isolation.

The main characters in the film include Jimmy, his supportive mother, wise teacher Ms. Harwood, and Sara, a kind-hearted girl who befriends Jimmy. These characters, each with their own unique qualities, contribute to the development of the story.

Despite the constant bullying, Jimmy decides to tackle his problems head-on. He begins by keeping a journal, where he openly expresses his emotions and experiences. This helps him gain a better understanding of himself and the impact that bullying has on his life. With the guidance of Ms. Harwood, Jimmy participates in a school-wide anti-bullying campaign, using his own experiences as a platform to raise awareness about overweight bullying.

Through his journey, Jimmy discovers that he is not alone. He finds solace in the support of his mother, Ms. Harwood, and the friendships he develops with others who have also experienced bullying. Together, they form a support system that helps him navigate the challenges he faces. As the film progresses, Jimmy gains confidence and self-acceptance, standing up against his bullies and inspiring others to do the same.

“The Fat Boy Chronicles” sheds light on the important issue of overweight bullying in schools, emphasizing the impact it has on the emotional well-being of individuals. Through the protagonist’s determination and support from key characters, the film delivers a powerful message of resilience, self-acceptance, and the importance of standing up against bullying.

16. Disfigured (2008)

“Disfigured (2008)” is a thought-provoking film that delves deep into the themes of body image and female struggles with body dissatisfaction. Directed by Glenn Gers, the movie follows the unlikely friendship between two women, Lydia and Darcy, who meet at a support group for individuals with eating disorders.

Lydia, an overweight woman, attends the group seeking solace and understanding. Meanwhile, Darcy, a person struggling with anorexia, struggles to accept her own body. As the story progresses, their friendship grows, and they begin to challenge society’s expectations and judgments about beauty and body image.

The film candidly portrays the emotional and physical toll that society’s beauty standards can have on women. It illuminates the themes of body dissatisfaction, highlighting how detrimental these pressures can be for individuals who do not fall into the conventional idea of beauty. Through the characters of Lydia and Darcy, “Disfigured” encourages viewers to question societal norms and embrace their own unique beauty.

In a world obsessed with appearance, “Disfigured” raises important questions and triggers discussions about body image, self-acceptance, and the importance of fostering a supportive community. This movie serves as a poignant reminder that true beauty lies in the appreciation and acceptance of oneself, regardless of society’s rigid standards.

Movies on Obesity LA, CA

17. Fatso (2008)

“Fatso” is a heartwarming Norwegian film from 2008, directed by Arild Fröhlich. The movie centers around Rino, an overweight loner who leads a secluded life. The main character, brilliantly portrayed by actor Nils Jørgen Kaalstad, embodies the struggles and insecurities faced by individuals battling with their weight.

Rino’s stagnant existence takes an unexpected turn when his father rents out a room to an uninhibited and sexually confident girl. This new addition to his previously solitary life challenges Rino to open up and venture beyond his comfort zone. The arrival of the girl, played by actress Josefine Frida Pettersen, becomes a catalyst for transformation and growth for our protagonist.

The plot beautifully unravels as Rino navigates a path towards self-acceptance and finding genuine connections with others. With an endearing mix of humor and sensitivity, “Fatso” explores themes of body image, loneliness, and the power of human connections.

Under Arild Fröhlich’s skilled direction, the film offers a refreshing perspective on the challenges faced by overweight individuals, combining relatable moments with a sincere portrayal of the human experience. “Fatso” captivates the audience, encouraging us to embrace our true selves and to never underestimate the potential for change that lies within us.

18. Norbit (2007)

“Norbit” is a comedy romance film released in 2007. Directed by Brian Robbins, the film stars Eddie Murphy in multiple roles. The movie has a runtime of approximately 102 minutes.

The plot follows Norbit, a mild-mannered man who finds himself trapped in a nightmarish marriage with a monstrous woman named Rasputia. As Rasputia controls Norbit’s life with her domineering and abusive nature, he yearns to be with the woman of his dreams, Kate, whom he has known since childhood.

Despite the obstacles that stand in their way, Norbit and Kate reconnect and begin to develop romantic feelings for each other. However, Norbit finds it increasingly difficult to break free from his toxic marital situation. Along the way, he must summon his courage to stand up to Rasputia and finally seize the chance at happiness with Kate.

“Norbit” combines elements of comedy and romance to create a lighthearted and entertaining viewing experience. Eddie Murphy’s portrayal of multiple characters, including the larger-than-life Rasputia, adds a comedic touch to the narrative, resulting in a film that offers laughs and heartwarming moments. Fans of Murphy’s unique brand of humor will certainly appreciate this comedic gem from 2007.

19. Phat Girlz (2006)

“Phat Girlz” is a PG-13 comedy directed by Nnegest Likké and starring Mo’Nique. Set in the world of fashion, the film revolves around two plus-sized women who are frustrated with societal pressures and the challenges they face due to their weight. Through humor and wit, the story follows their journey as they navigate through relationships, self-acceptance, and the pursuit of love.

The film portrays the struggles that plus-sized women often encounter in a world that places a heavy emphasis on physical appearance. It sheds light on the relentless pressure they experience to conform to societal beauty standards, making it relatable to women of all sizes. Through the characters’ humorous and relatable experiences, the film not only entertains but also enlightens viewers about the challenges faced by those who do not fit into conventional beauty norms.

“Phat Girlz” carries a strong message of body positivity and self-acceptance, emphasizing that love and acceptance should not be determined by one’s size or weight. It celebrates the beauty and worth of plus-sized women, challenging society’s narrow and unrealistic beauty standards.

Overall, “Phat Girlz” is a heartfelt comedy that brings to light the frustrations faced by plus-sized women in society. With its relatable characters, humorous situations, and empowering message, the film serves as a reminder that true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So, brace yourself for a delightful journey filled with laughter, as “Phat Girlz” embraces the importance of self-love and acceptance.

20. Precious (II) (2009)

Precious (II) (2009) is a powerful drama that follows the harrowing story of Precious Jones, a young teenager who faces immense adversity in her life. Precious, portrayed by Gabourey Sidibe, is an overweight, illiterate, and abused sixteen-year-old girl who is pregnant with her second child, both of which are products of sexual abuse by her own father.

The movie revolves around Precious’ journey towards empowerment and self-discovery when she enrolls in an alternative school. The school provides a safe haven for Precious, where she finds support, guidance, and a chance to break free from her cycle of abuse and neglect. Mrs. Rain, played by Paula Patton, is one of Precious’ main allies at the school, as she becomes a mentor figure and helps Precious realize her worth and potential.

Another important character is Ms. Weiss, the unconventional and dedicated teacher portrayed by Mariah Carey. Ms. Weiss pushes Precious to confront her traumatic past, providing her with the tools to heal and grow. Precious’ mother, Mary, portrayed brilliantly by Mo’Nique, represents an antagonistic force in her life as she perpetuates the abuse and neglect Precious has endured.

The plot of “Precious (II) (2009)” delves deep into the remarkably difficult life of Precious Jones, highlighting the resilience and strength she possesses, even in the face of unspeakable hardships. Through her enrollment in the alternative school, Precious finds the courage to confront her past and ultimately rewrite her future.

Conclusion: Movies on Obesity

In conclusion, movies on obesity have gained popularity over the years as a medium to address the significant issue of weight and its impact on individuals and society. The category “Films about obesity” encompasses a range of genres, from documentaries to fictional films, providing audiences with different perspectives on this pressing topic.

One subcategory of movies about obesity is documentary films. These films aim to raise awareness and educate viewers about the causes, consequences, and potential solutions for obesity. They often feature interviews with experts, personal stories of individuals struggling with weight, and delve into the societal and cultural factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic. Some notable documentary films on obesity include “Super Size Me” directed by Morgan Spurlock, “Fed Up” directed by Stephanie Soechtig, and “Weight of the Nation” directed by HBO.

Apart from documentaries, there are also fictional films that touch upon the theme of obesity. These movies often portray the challenges faced by individuals dealing with weight issues, highlighting both the physical and emotional struggles they endure. Examples of fictional films that tackle obesity include “Precious” directed by Lee Daniels, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” directed by Lasse Hallström, and “Heavy” directed by James Mangold.

Overall, movies on obesity serve as powerful tools to raise awareness, promote discussions, and encourage individuals to make healthier choices. By giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of those affected by obesity, these films have the potential to spark empathy, understanding, and ultimately inspire change.

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