Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Can Ease Back Pain and Improve Your Appearance

Breast Lift Surgery in LA

Are saggy breasts weighing you down? Does your back constantly hurt? Do you wish your breasts were in a better position and more proportional to your torso? If so, a breast lift or mastopexy could be right for you.

A breast lift seeks to remove excess tissue while giving you more lift. The breasts are positioned higher up on the chest while the nipple/areola complex is altered to add symmetry to your bust. Cosmetic surgery is quite popular and could immensely contribute to your quality of life.

Keep reading to learn more about breast lift surgery. We will be discussing which type of women are the best candidates for the procedure, how mastopexy surgery is performed, if there are any side effects, and the grand benefits you are sure to receive by undergoing this body contouring operation.

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A Breast Lift After Extreme Weight Loss

At Healthy Life Bariatrics, breast lift surgery is one of several procedures offered by Doctor Moein to help with saggy and droopy skin. After rapid and extreme weight loss, which is common after bariatric surgery, the breasts are one area of the body that tend to hold on to excess fat and skin. This makes sense since the breasts are composed primarily of fatty tissue.

Of course, weight loss is not necessary for women to require a breast lift. The surgery is also common following childbirth and breastfeeding, which can also cause the breasts to sag.

The breast lift is a common procedure that removes excess skin without reducing breast volume.

The reason the breasts droop after extreme weight loss and childbirth/breastfeeding is that the skin has lost elasticity. This is common when weight is lost quickly. Stretch marks can also be common.

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Who is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

You may potentially be a candidate for mastopexy surgery if you experience significant breast sagging. If your breasts are elongated, stretched, flat, asymmetrical, or have lost firmness, you may also find improved body acceptance with the mastopexy technique.

Women who have a large natural breast size and women who are done breastfeeding tend to be more susceptible to saggy breasts and are thus the best candidates. Age can also affect the sagginess of the breasts.

You should only undergo breast lift surgery if you have realistic expectations for the outcomes of the procedure. You should be in good health and a non-smoker. If you do smoke cigarettes, your cosmetic surgeon will recommend that you quit in weeks or months leading up to your surgery, as tobacco products can negatively affect healing and results.

How is a Breast Lift Performed?

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The method chosen for breast lift surgery will depend on your individual situation and appearance goals. There are four breast lift incisions that are commonly used. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will reshape your breasts and alter your nipples in order to achieve a perkier, more youthful breast appearance.

Crescent Breast Lift

The crescent breast lift is ideal for breasts where minor sagging has occurred. The procedure is often combined with breast augmentation, which adds both lift and volume.

During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon creates a crescent-shaped incision along the top half of the areola. The crescent portion of skin is removed and, if desired, breast implants are inserted.

The end result is a bust with added shape, volume, symmetry, and firmness. The nipple can also be raised to a more youthful position.

Lollipop Breast Lift

The lollipop breast lift is ideal for women with a medium amount of sag.

During a lollipop mastopexy, a circular incision is created around the areola. A vertical incision is then made from the bottom of the areola to the fold of the breast (infra-mammary fold). The latter is the crease where the breast meets the chest. By combining the two incisions, the cosmetic surgeon essentially creates the shape of a lollipop, hence the name of this technique.

The lollipop breast lift allows the surgeon to remove extra skin and tissue while keeping the incisions as small as possible.

Periareolar Breast Lift

The periareolar breast lift is ideal for women with mildly low breast positions. The technique is often combined with breast implants.

During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon creates an incision around the areola structure. A larger circle is made around that circle, whereby the top is at the point where the areola will be raised. The skin is then removed between the two marked circles. The end result is a tighter, firmer breast with a better-positioned nipple and areola.

Anchor Breast Lift

The anchor breast lift is suitable for women with extreme sagging. The name of the technique comes from the shape of the surgical incisions created during the procedure, similar to the lollipop technique. The incisions once made take on the shape of a nautical anchor.

Three incisions are made on the breasts. One of the incisions is created around the areola. Another is made vertically downward from the areola to the bottom breast crease. The third runs along the crease to form a crescent shape. All three cuts allow the cosmetic surgeon to access the underlying breast tissue and reshape them according to your aesthetic goals.

During an anchor breast lift, the nipple/areola complex is moved up to a suitable height by making additional incisions. The areola may be trimmed in size as well. The end result is a tighter, more symmetrical bust.

Does the Breast Lift Have Side Effects?

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A breast lift is similar to all surgical procedures in which complications are possible. Risks specific to a mastopexy include bruising, numbness (usually temporary), swelling, and discomfort.

Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions pre- and post-surgery to reduce any potential complications. You are encouraged to ask about complications and the recovery process during the initial consultation. Your cosmetic surgeon wants to know that you are fully cognizant of what to expect before and after the procedure before deciding to go through with breast lift surgery.

Does the Breast Lift Leave Scars?

Any time incisions are made on the skin, scarring is bound to result. The breast lift is no different. However, cosmetic surgeons are trained to make incisions as inconspicuously as possible while striving to achieve the desired effect.

The location of breast lift scars depends on the type of incisions used and the degree of sagging. With all incisions, the scars will appear red and raised immediately after surgery. The scars might retain this appearance in the days following the procedure. Over time, the scars should begin to fade. At that point, the scarring will become flatter and lighter.

In six months, you can expect the scars to have formed their permanent look. For many breast lift patients, the scars become lighter in appearance and not noticeable unless looking for them. At any rate, most breast lift scars can be easily hidden under low-cut tops, bikinis, and bras.

Follow Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Advice for Post-Surgical Care

You can do your part to improve the appearance of breast lift scars by being vigilant with post-operative care. Tips include applying sunscreen when outdoors, as direct sun exposure can make breast lift scars more visible.

Massaging the scars can help to reduce discomfort and inflammation while increasing the level of collagen fibers. Your cosmetic surgeon may also recommend the application of scar gel or ointment, which can further aid in healing.

After a breast lift, your cosmetic surgeon should make it clear what post-surgery care will consist of to minimize scarring. If scars do not fade or retain a red and raised appearance, laser skin resurfacing is an option you can choose to further reduce the appearance of breast lift scar tissue.

Avoid Making Breast Lift Scars Worse

It should be noted that there are actions you should avoid that can make breast lift scars more visible. Heavy scrubbing, scratching, and exfoliation of the skin surrounding the scar can exacerbate scarring, especially as the treatment area is still healing.

You should also try to avoid lifting heavy objects in the first six weeks after surgery to prevent the wound from experiencing stress or strain.

And whatever you do, if minimizing scarring is important to you, refrain from smoking during your recovery, as doing so can lead to worsening scars, not to mention post-surgical complications.

What Do the Results of a Breast Lift Look Like?

The effects of a breast lift are immediately noticeable, though swelling, bruising, and scarring may also be present. When the swelling and bruising subside, the breasts will appear tighter, higher up on the chest, and more symmetrical (particularly if the nipple/areolar complex was also minimized and altered).

Breast lift surgery does not add volume to the chest. For this type of effect, the breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation surgery. Breast implants can be used but also the fat transfer technique, which uses your own fatty tissue to add fullness and improve the breast shape.

Women who undergo breast lift surgery can anticipate a more youthful and flattering appearance. The end effect can contribute to greater confidence and body satisfaction.

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What are the Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery?

Help with Back Pain

A woman is holding her back pain with her hands.

Lifting the breasts to a higher position on the chest can help distribute the weight of the breasts more evenly. This effect of a breast lift can offer moderate relief for back pain but also pain in the neck and shoulders.

If back pain is the result of overly heavy breasts, a breast reduction may be recommended instead. A breast reduction creates a more lifted and youthful appearance like the breast lift but also reduces volume, which can keep the breasts from weighing down on the back, neck, and shoulders.

No More Irritation

Because a breast lift often includes the reduction of excess skin, a breast lift can greatly reduce irritation and chafing along the breast crease.

A More Attractive Bust

The main benefit of a breast lift is breasts that no longer droop or sag. Many women also choose a breast lift when they are tired of their nipples pointing downward or falling below the breast crease. After a breast lift, the breasts and nipples appear perkier and more in line with the rest of your body.

Schedule a Breast Lift Consultation in and Near Los Angeles, California

By now you know all about breast lift surgery. If you think you would be a viable candidate for a mastopexy procedure, the first step is to schedule a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

If you live in Southern California and are unhappy with your breasts, whether due to sag, flatness, or elongation, breast lift surgery by Doctor Babak Moeinolmolki can help you feel better about your body and bust.

During the discreet meeting with Doctor Moeinolmolki, you will learn even more about breast lift surgery, including the benefits and risks, the fees involved, and whether you qualify for medical financing. You also have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, including about the results you are sure to achieve.

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