General Surgery

Hernia Surgery Types Performed in Los Angeles, CA

How is Hernia Surgery Performed?

Hernia surgery is a common general surgical procedure that millions of people worldwide have undergone. The techniques involved are customizable according to the type of hernia you have. There are several types of hernia and each one requires a specific method for repairing the damage while preventing future occurrences. Before we get to each type … Read more

Is Gallbladder Removal SAFE-Los Angeles CA

Gallbladder Removal Surgery – Is It Safe?

Gallbladder removal surgery is a life-saving procedure that is performed on approximately 300,000 individuals annually. Otherwise referred to by the complex term cholecystectomy, this operation usually follows a series of gallstone attacks. But is the procedure safe? Can you live without a gallbladder and still enjoy a healthy standard of living? These are excellent questions, … Read more

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